Precision CNC Milling of a Lever Style Lock Assembly

Precision CNC Milling of a Lever Style Lock Assembly

The product shown here is a lever style lock that is used in a commercial truck application. Manufactured from aluminum, PTFE, Delrin, and stainless steel, this product required the building of a complex fixture. The fixturing consisted of a hydraulic tombstone type work holding fixture that would allow for six complete sets of locks to be manufactured simultaneously. This allowed us to meet the customer's seasonal high demand which their previous supplier could not. Manufacturing consisted of precision CNC machining including milling and turning as well as stamping.

The finished components measured 10.830" in length, 2" in width, and 1.5" in height, and met tolerances of ± 0.0005", and featured zinc plating. Quality is maintained through a custom probe which checks every tenth part.

This particular customer has relied on us to produce this part in timely shipments for almost 20 years. 

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