Building a Company and a Long Lasting NTMA Connection

Jan 1

As featured in the December issue of NTMA's The Record magazine:

C & R Mfg was founded in Ron Wosel’s basement-- the classic beginnings of a machine shop as many who have started before and after us. The shop was assembled during the mid-70s to machine parts for my outboard boat racing hobby. We applied for a sales tax number in 1979 and that becomes the company’s actual start date. I was introduced to the NTMA in the mid-1980s by a shop owner friend and I immediately joined the organization. My first annual meeting was in Acapulco, Mexico in 1988. The business content was very good, and it was also held someplace warm in the winter, and I’m sure that’s what kept us coming back all these years. We felt a little out of place being the youngest family there by many years, until we met Steve and Vicky Hasty who became our lifelong friends. Steve Bhas recently sold his business and retired, but we keep in contact. At the local chapter level, we started as the newest member and have progressed to being an old-timer active member. We still enjoy supporting our local chapter and networking with everyone.  I have only missed a few annual meetings over the years, and usually regretted doing so. I have made many friends and acquaintances over the years and also enjoy seeing and visiting with everyone at the conferences. I am proud to have been a part of NTMA for 30 years now. So how did NTMA make us successful and why do we come to all the meetings? I tell everyone that there are two reasons for our success, in no particular order. One reason is the caliber of speakers and presenters at the NTMA conferences, as well as the roundtables. My wife and two children have accompanied me at every annual meeting. Our goal is to bring back business ideas that we can use to make our company more efficient, which offsets the cost of the meeting. I admit there have been times I’ve returned home with information I’m not sure what to do with, only to have it become applicable at a later date. The other reason is the great information in Modern Machine Shop magazine, it is our metalworking bible. In 2011, we were honored and proud to receive Modern Machine Shop’s first Top Shop award. With Modern Machine Shop’s close association with the NTMA, it only makes sense that these two things have worked hand-in-hand for our business. My daughter Andrea and my son Brian are the next generation of C & R. I’m sure you’ll see them at future conferences as part of the Emerging Leaders group. NTMA has become a family tradition.



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