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Assembly & Hydraulic Components at C & R Manufacturing

C & R Manufacturing offers J-I-T assembly for hydraulics and other mechanical or electrical components in our custom-built assembly stations, allowing us to meet your delivery needs every time.

C & R Manufacturing has 2 hydraulic assembly presses, 2 manual presses, and a computer-controlled hydraulic test station capable of testing pressures to 7000 psi and flow rates to 8 gallons/minute on cylinders and valves.

We also have an efficient, custom-designed assembly area that includes an electrical control assembly area and three mechanical assembly areas. C & R Manufacturing can plate, paint, apply decals, test, package and ship the finished assemblies and hydraulic components to meet the customer requirements.

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Assembly & Hydraulic Components at C&R Manufacturing
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Assembly & Hydraulic Components at C&R Manufacturing
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Hydraulic Test Station
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Custom Fixturing
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Product Fittings


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Assembly & Hydraulic Component Features

Materials Aluminum
Customer-furnished and purchased parts
Stainless steel
Typical Parts
  • Hydraulic cylinders/valves
  • Printing press arbors
  • Food processing assemblies
  • Truck locks
  • And more
  • Manifolds and fittings
  • Medical/security equipment
  • Woodworking frames
  • Railroad test equipment
Custom Test Stations Our custom designed, computer automated, hydraulic test station can test pressure up to 4,000 psi and flow rates to 7 gpm. Test results can be configured and documented to your specifications and requirements. Our custom equipment allows us to perform ISO 9000 testing and documentation. This is an intricate part of our 0-DEFECTS policy.
Quality Assurance C & R Manufacturing tests and assemblies to the customer's specifications.
ISO 9000 compliant and sub-certified, Zeiss and Brown & Sharpe Coordinate Measuring Machines, Moore Data Gage to 10 millionths, Mitutoyo Optical Comparator, Digital Measuring tools to 12" ID/ OD, Surface Finish Tester, Rockwell Hardness Tester
Industries Served
  • Pharmaceutical & scientific research equip.
  • Food processing
  • Energy
  • Printing
  • Railroad
  • Electronics
  • Recreational
  • Construction
  • Woodworking
  • Hydraulics
  • Agriculture
  • Assemblies
  • Transportation
  • Prototypes
Value-Added Finishing Services
  • Wet/Powder-coat painting
  • Stress-relieving
  • Laser marking
  • Plating
  • Heat treating
  • Testing
  • Anodizing
  • Decal application
  • Shipping
Just-In-Time Deliveries Timing is everything. But, our Just-In-Time delivery isn't just about delivery time. It's about your production timing and cost efficiency. Our local delivery truck features a custom-designed, modular storage system for fast and efficient parts handling. Small parts, up to 800 pounds per pan, are shipped in containers, ready for your production line. Large or small parts and large or small shipments are delivered on time and ready for you to use.

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