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Custom CNC Turning of a Steel Shaft

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Custom CNC Turned Steel Shaft created for the Ventilation Industry

This air handler fan shaft is a component of an HVAC ventilation system, and is composed of C1215/C1144 cold rolled steel. Machining consisted of rough and finish turning and facing to dimensions of 10.250" (± 0.015") in length, and an outside raw material diameter of 1.000" (+0.000"/-0.002"), and met machined tolerances within .0007".

The challenge was to machine 30 varieties of shafts with 100% inspection on a weekly basis, and meet a 2 hour delivery window each week. Meeting this goal required the use of our Okuma LR15 4-axis CNC lathe which features a magazine bar feeder and robotics that allow fully unattended operation. Quality was maintained by automating the inspections with an electronic measuring gage which was interfaced with the lathe. The finished parts were robotically oiled and stacked inro reusable containers.

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Highlights of this Custom CNC Turning Project

Product Description This shaft is a component of a metal ventilation system.
Custom CNC Turning Capabilities Applied/Processes Primary:
CNC Turning
  • Rough & Finish Turn O.D.
  • Facing
  • Robotically oiled and Stacked
Equipment Used to Manufacture Part Okuma LR15 4-axis Lathe
Overall Part Dimensions Length: 10.250" ± 0.015"
O.D.: ø 1.000" + 0.000" / - 0.002"
Tightest Tolerances  within .0007"
Material Used C1215/C1144 Steel (Cold Rolled)
In process testing/inspection performed Automated 100% Inspection of 2 Bearing Journals
Industry for Use HVAC Industry
Volume 50,000 - 80,000 per year
50 - 300 per shipment of 25 part varieties
Weekly deliveries within a 2 hour delivery window
Delivery Location Lenexa, Kansas
Standards Met Customer supplied print, 2D CAD Drawing
Product Name Air Handling Fan Shaft

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